Strength of Airplanes and Helicopters


Theme 1. Main Principles And Methods Of Strength Maintenance

Lecture 01. Tasks of strength support

Lecture 02. Kinds of strength researches

Theme 2. Airworthiness Standards

Lecture 03. Total characteristic of airworthiness standards

Theme 3. Loading Of Airplanes

Lecture 04. Load factor at maneuvers of plane

Lecture 05. Loading of a plane at flight from gusts

Theme 4. Strength Criteria

Lecture 06. Strength criteria for tension elements

Lecture 07. Strength criteria of structure elements at compression

Lecture 08. Strength analysis of a compressed panel

Lecture 09. Stability of curvilinear elements

Theme 5. Maintenance Of Service Life For Airplanes And Helicopters

Lecture 10. Basic laws of fatigue

Lecture 11. Major factors influencing at durability

Lecture 12. Calculation of service life

Lecture 13. Estimation of service life

Theme 6. Design Strength Analysis

Lecture 14. Characteristics of static strength

Lecture 15.Calculation of distributed loads by wing of big aspect ratio

Lecture 16. Calculation of shear force and bending moment for big aspect ratio wing

Lecture 17. Designing strength analysis of cross section for big aspect ratio wing

Theme 7. Checking Stress Calculation Of The Wing

Lecture 18. Checking calculation of normal stresses in cross section of big aspect ratio wing

Lecture 19. Calculation of shear stresses in cross section

Lecture 20. Strength conclusion

Theme 8. Strength Analysis Of Fuselage

Lecture 21. Load account on fuselage

Lecture 22. Strength analysis of fuselages

Lecture 23. Frames and ribs strength analysis

Theme 9. Aeroelasticity

Lecture 24. Aeroelasticity


Laboratory Work

Laboratory Work 01. Calculation Of Lever System Loading

Laboratory Work 02. Research Of The Stress State In Spar Caps

Laboratory Work 03. Research Of The Stress State In The Spar Web

Laboratory Work 04. Loading Of The Subsonic Transport Plane At Influence Of Gust

Laboratory Work 05. Determination Of Design Airspeeds And Load Factor

Laboratory Work 06. Calculation Of Loads On A Straight Wing Of The Big Aspect Ratio

Laboratory Work 07. Experimental Method Of Estimation For Critical Stress Under Compression Of Thin Plates

Laboratory Work 08. Experimental Estimation Of Critical Stresses In Stringer Under Compression

Laboratory Work 08a. Calculation Ultimate Compressing And Ultimate Tension Force For A Finned Panel

Laboratory Work 09. Designing Calculation Of Wing Cross Section

Laboratory Work 10. Checking Calculation Of Normal Stress By The Reducing Factors Method


Home Task

Calculation of Wing Loads

Course Project

Guide for course project strength analysis of wing

The content of the course project

Programm WING


Strength Analysis (7 semester)

Theme 1. Strength analysis of empennage

Lecture 01. Loads on tail unit

Lecture 02. Strength analysis of tail unit

Theme 2. Strength analysis of landing gear

Lecture 03. Landing gear loading